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This is the nuts & bolts behind Softimate's powerful software.

The assemblies are what makes Softimate so special and allows you to customize the software EXACTLY the way you do business. Here is what you need to know:


Your assemblies are made up of four main items...Job Types, Task Categories, Tasks and Units.

JOB TYPES: This is what type of project you are working on. We've created some for you to use to get you started. You might want to change them up and add some of your own. Just to name a few are New House, Room Addition, Interior Finish, Roof Replacement, Deck Construction, etc., etc.

TASKS: Tasks are work performed to accomplish building your project. For example, building permits, excavation, pouring concrete, framing exterior walls, installing shingles, hanging drywall, painting, you get the point. All of the individual tasks will be grouped into the Task Categories as explained up above.

TASK CATEGORIES: This item takes all of the individual tasks that are needed to do the project and groups them into subcategories to organize your estimate and specifications. Pre-Construction, Excavation, Concrete & Foundation, Framing Systems, Plumbing Systems, Interior Trim, etc. are just a few to get you started.

UNITS: Units are needed to explain how your estimate is created. Let's say you want to pour a 4' sidewalk. your unit cost for that could be $4/square foot or you could use $4/linear foot in the estimate. It's up to you how you want to see it in the estimate so by assigning a unit to the cost you will know how the cost is calculated.

It's also important to know that the order that you assign the assemblies will be the same order you will see in the estimate and the specifications so we recommend you keep the assemblies in the order that you would actually perform the work in real life. You can easily move the assemblies (Job Types, Task Categories and Tasks) up and down the list by clicking on the item, then drag and drop it down to the desired location.